Step1. Choose A Toy

Couple Vibrator - Daxxi

1. Couple Vibrator - Daxxi

Vibrating Masturbator Cup - Uranus

5. Male Masturbator Cup - Uranus

Electric Pocket Pussy - Beauty

9. Electric Pocket Pussy - Beauty

G Spot Vibrator for Couples - Triple

2. G Spot Vibrator - Triple

Vibrating Prostate Massager - Lil Bee

6. Prostate Massager - Lil bee

Vibrating Penis Ring - Magic

10. Vibrating Penis Ring - Magic

Expansion Anal Plug - Monster

3. Expansion Anal Plug - Monster

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator - Lolita

7. Clit Sucking Vibrator - Lolita

Realistic Dildo Vibrator - Jupiter

11. Realistic Dildo - Jupiter

Automatic Pocket Pussy - Rasengan

4. Pocket Pussy - Rasengan

Thrusting Dildo - Meteor

8. Thrusting Dildo - Meteor

Wearable Clitoris & G-Spot Vibrator - Crown Pink

12. Wearable Vibrator - Crown


Step2. Enter The Application Form

Who is eligible for sex toy testers?   

a) Anyone who has placed an order on Amazon to purchase our products and leave a good comment or feedback in our store. 

b) Those who long been a professional and honest reviewer and who love to share their unique insight. 

c) Anyone who's keen on exploring a range of luxury sex toys and reaching new levels of excitement.


Toy Number*:


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Step3. Wait For Reply

Thanks for interested in being a tester of Treediride, our customer service team will contact you via Emails within 24 hours. Please be patient and be sure you're ready for testing the toys out!