Masturbator Training Tool - Mars

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  • Male Masturbator - Mars is an upgraded design of traditional male masturbator, it is designed with adjustable front end, brings the toy more functions than usual. It can be used in a variety of forms to massage your glans, penis, testicles and even the perineum. 
  • Penis Trainer - Mars is not only a male masturbator, but also a penis trainer to train your long-lasting ability, relieve symptoms such as difficulty in erection, sexual indifference. 
  • 10*10 Vibrations - Mars contains 2 motors, two independent operate functions, each shock contains 10 vibration modes, bringing you the ultimate experience. Suit people like sedentary office crowd, sex toy beginner or experienced. 
  • Powerful but Whisper Quite - The dual motors are powerful, and the toy itself has tested the mas noise is under 60db, you can enjoy your time without worrying noticed by others. 
  • Upgraded Silicone & 100% Waterproof - This penis stimulator is made of smooth soft liquid silicone, 100% waterproof and healthy to human body, which allows you use it the shower, bathtub or pool.

  • MUTE

  • Waterproof

  • Medical Silicone

  • USB Port

  • Powerful Motor

Newly Adjustable Front End 
Mars now designed with the adjustable front, there is a small ball on the front end and a hole on the toy body, just insert the little ball into the body hole, the masturbator can form a close-ended to massager.
You can use it while the end open, the end ball can massage your glans or your perineum when you upside down the toy.
You can also use it while the end closed, then the toy will be like a massage masturbator cup, to use it bring you the climax.

2 Powerful Motors
Mars designed contain 2 powerful motors in, each motor can be changed by one button with 10 different vibration modes. You can choose what a mode you like from 10*10 vibration frequencies.
A fully charged toy can be used at least 90min, just insert the charge cable into the DC charge hole and connect to your computer, power bank or charger to fully charge the toy.

Open Front Massager
With the open front end, the toy is suitable for any length male. With different use style you can make the toy massage your different points.
The inner diameter of the product is 1.65in≈4.2cm. The toy body designed for semi-open, so don't worry about it will be tight.

Prolong Trainer
Mars is not only a massager as usual but also a trainer, to train your long-lasting ability, relieve symptoms such as difficulty in erection, sexual indifference.
Long-term use of this product will help your cock harder, stronger and more durable. While bringing you the happiness will also bring you a happier future.

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Ask a Question
  • Is the front end easily adjustable?

    There is a little hold on the toy body which is designed for the adjustable front. You can just adjust the toy’s style by insert the small ball into the hole.

  • is that waterproof?

    This toy is 100% waterproof, you can use it in a shower or other wet place.

  • Is for any size?

    The inner diameter of the product is 1.65in≈4.2cm. In addition, the product body is semi-open, so don't worry about it will be tight. For length: The toy designed two open ends, one end can be closed by insert little ball into the toy body hole, So the length will be fit for everyone.

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